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The sorghum story

The Center for Sorghum Improvement is housed at Kansas State University. The Center advances sorghum by working across disciplines, institutions and stakeholder communities. The Collaborative Sorghum Investment Program is the cornerstone CSI effort. 

The CSI, and CSIP story

Sorghum is a resilient crop with attributes to address challenges facing food, and agricultural systems. The hearty plant has traits that protect against heat, and drought stress. This crop is a staple in the livestock and ethanol industries. Consumers like you are discovering sorghum as a whole grain that can enhance a balanced, healthy diet. Learn more about sorghum at USCP and Kansas Grain Sorghum

Ambition for tomorrow with disciplined goals for today. 

The Focus

Increase yield from 62 to 100 bushels per acre
Increase sorghum value to 98 percent the value of corn 
Create an annual consumptive demand for 1.25 billion bushels of sorghum
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