The Collaborative Sorghum Investment Program (CSIP) Advisory Board are appointed representatives of the Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission, the Sorghum Checkoff, and Kansas State University.

Sarah Sexton-Bowser

Managing Director, Center for Sorghum Improvement

Larry Lambright

Retired Sorghum Breeder

Representative for USCP

Stephen Bigge

KGSC Chair, Farmer

Representative for KGSC

Cassandra Jones

Assistant Prof., KSU ASI

Representative for KSU

Robert Gillen

Department Head, WKARC

Representative for KSU

Florentino Lopez

Executive Director, USCP

Representative for USCP

Kevin Kniebel

KGSC Commissioner, Farmer

Representative for KGSC

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Gary Kilgore

Prof. Emeritus, KSU Agronomy

Served as KGSC representative

Fall 2017-Fall 2018

Gary Pierzynski

Served as KSU representative 

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Board guidance and oversight direct the CSIP program. Thanks to past leadership for contributing to the advancement of sorghum.

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