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USDA ARS, and CSIP are monitoring the nitrous oxide emissions from sorghum cropping systems in the Great Plains.  The project is collaborating with KSU, and OSU to quantify the sustainability of the Plains cropping system.


Tools for Weed Control

CSIP, and the KGSC collaborates with the weed science lab of Mithila Jugulam to discover and develop weed technologies for farmers.



DropXL Sorghum is a State of Kansas effort to advance sorghum technology for the benefit of Kansas farmers, and Kansas water stakeholders. DropXL is under the technical vision of sorghum molecular breeder, Terry Felderhoff,

                          Demand. Yield. Value. 



CSIP is a managing partner for KGSC, and USCP research projects at Kansas State University.

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Grains for petfood

The USDA AMS Federal State Market Improvement Project is supporting value added pet food markets for sorghum. With direction from Aldrich, the project is a collaborative of the KDA with partnership from KSU, and CSIP.

Sorghum food aid

Food Technology

CSIP is working with research partner, Sajid Alavi, and technical advisor, Hope Floeck, to extend the Microfortified Sorghum Food Technology discovery to product commercialization.


Company Connections

CSIP connects private companies with sorghum opportunities. Yes, sorghum is an ancient grain but it is new to consumer interests, and offers untapped opportunities. The Center hosts companies to share the sorghum story, and connect technical research capacity to utilization questions.


Quality for value

CSIP is partnering with swine scientist, Robert Goodband, to evaluate high lysine sorghum for the swine industry. CSIP is also partnering with Amachawadi, KSU Veterinary Medicine, to evaluate sorghum phenolic compounds and potential applications in rumen systems. USDA ARS Grain Quality is a critical collaborator and scientific partner for CSIP's grain quality research portfolio. Scientific guidance is provided by ARS scientist Scott Bean, Dmitry Smolensky, Tom Herald, and Jeff Wilson, and KSU scientist, Davina Rhodes.


Building the Future

The CSI invests in the development of 21st scientific workforce to include seminars, and connections between multi-disciplines, and with industry. In this photo, mentors and mentees attending the Sorghum Global Conference have a unique chance to learn from USCP crop improvement leadership.

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